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Overbed Tables

Our Overbed/Mobility Tables are a great way to keep items within reach. They are able to fit into a multitude of positions which allows for more versatility.

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Mobility Table
The Mobility Table is a great way to keep and carry your items within reach. The multi positional clamp fits on any pole or bar to keep the table straight and upright on most wheelchairs, rollators, and transport chairs.  It is height adjustable with three different posts for the perfect fit.  This table comes complete with a cup holder and a hook to hang a small bag or purse.

  • Allows you to keep items within reach
  • Multi-positional clamp fits most wheelchairs, transport chairs or rollators
  • Height adjusts simply and easily with 3 different interchangeable posts
  • Cup holder to carry drinks without spilling
  • Hook to hang a small purse or bag

FGP66800 0000
Home Overbed Table

The Home Overbed Table was designed to seamlessly blend in with traditional home furniture.  This table is height adjustable and features a tilting tray for versatile use.  The Home Overbed Table is easy-to-clean and able to hold up to 50 pounds.  Fitted with Sure-Lock roller wheels to avoid sliding.

  • Tilting table top with ledge is ideal for eating, reading and studying in bed
  • Designed to blend with home furniture
  • Height adjustable from 24"€ to 34"€
  • Adjusts for left- or right-handed use
  • Features sure-lock roller wheels to avoid movement

Overbed Table
The Overbed Table features a convenient flat surface which makes it easier for users to eat, work and read while in a chair or a bed. The table easily adjusts for right or left hand use and height variation. The unique base allows for easier and closer access from a chair.
  • Convenient flat surface for those confined to a bed or chair
  • "€œC"€ shaped base allows for closer access while in a chair
  • Easy to assemble and height adjustable
  • Adjusts for right- or left-handed use
FGP56700 0000
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